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EPHEMERA - LAND SPEED RECORDS decorative poster produced...

Auction Date: 31/07/2022 at 10am



EPHEMERA - LAND SPEED RECORDS decorative poster produced by BP Ethyl celebrating the achievements of George Eyston and John Cobb in their attempts at the world land speed record. The poster features portraits of the two men, plus images of their two respective vehicles and descriptive text of the two attempts. On the reverse is an image of Henshaw winning the King's Air Cjup and H F Broadbent achieving the Australia to England air record. Cobb achieved 350mph and Eyston 357mph. Eyston (1897-1979) unusually for land speed attempts at this time, survived. Cobb (1900-1952) was tragically killed on Loch Ness while attempting the world waters speed record. It was noted at the time that his boat hit a sudden ripple in the water on an otherwise dead calm day - leading some to speculate that his death was caused by the fabled Loch Ness monster suddenly surfacing.

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