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MOUNT EVEREST 1924 EXPEDITION remarkable group of three...

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MOUNT EVEREST 1924 EXPEDITION remarkable group of three album pages bearing the signatures of members of the ill-fated attempt to climb Mount Everest in 1924 - the legendary attempt which resulted in the deaths of mountaineers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine. The pages bear the pencilled signatures of Captain J B Noel, the official photographer on the expedition, and the expedition member John MacDonald, together with a number of signatures in Chinese and Tibetan script which are presumably the signatures of the local Sherpas. Rare. The 1924 Everest expedition is legendary in the annals of exploration mainly because there has always been speculation that Mallory and Irvine actually made it to the summit - only to perish on their way back down. Captain Noel took the very last images of the pair as they climbed to within a few hundred feet of the summit, only to lose them as the weather enveloped them. John MacDonald, often forgotten as a member of the expedition, was nevertheless confirmed by a photograph Noel took showing him standing in a group with Mallory and Irvine just before they set off for the summit.

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