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7x Fly fishing books, to include 1955 The...

Auction Date: 28/07/2022 at 09:30 am



7x Fly fishing books, to include 1955 The Immoral Trout by Eric Taverner & W E Barrington-Browne, 1982 The Grayling Angler John Roberts, 1951 The Truth About Trout Fishing Arnold B Scott, 1966 signed copy Fly Fishing Tactics on Still Water Geoffrey Bucknall, 1931 Fishing For Trout and Sea Trout With Worm and Wet Fly John Stirling, 1953 Come Fly Fishing With Me Colin Willock, 1993 signed copy A Passion For Angling Chris Yates, Bob James (signed by) and Hugh Miles, (7)

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