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Manchester Utd home match football tickets to include...

Auction Date: 26/06/2022 at 02pm



Manchester Utd home match football tickets to include 1971/72 Leicester City, 1976/77 Liverpool, Juventus (UEFA), 1980s (undated), Everton, Stoke City, Liverpool, West Ham Utd, 1982/83 Everton (FAC), 1983/84 Dukla Prague (ECWC), Juventus (ECWC s/f), Spartak Varna (ECWC), 1984/85 PS Eindhoven (UEFA), Dundee Utd (UEFA), Coventry City (FAC), 1985/86 Crystal Palace (Milk Cup), West Ham Utd (Milk Cup) x 2, Ipswich Town, West Ham Utd (FAC), 1986/87 Newcastle Utd , Coventry City (FAC), Norwich City, Manchester City, Aston Villa, 1990/91 Liverpool (Rumbelows), Bolton Wanderers (FAC), 1991/92 QPR, Manchester City, Sheffield Utd, Southampton (FAC), Everton x 2, Wimbledon, Portsmouth (Rumbelows), Coventry City, Oldham Athletic x 2, Sheffield Wednesday x 2, Crystal Palace x 2, Oldham Athletic (Rumbelows) x 2, Norwich City, West Ham Utd, 1992/93 Oldham Athletic, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Brighton (Coca Cola), Sheffield Utd, Manchester City, Brighton (FAC), Nottingham Forest, Blackburn Rovers, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Southampton, Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich City, 1993/94 Arsenal, Portsmouth (Coca Cola), Celtic (testimonial), QPR, Stoke City (Coca Cola), Tottenham Hotspur, Sheffield Wednesday, Liverpool, 1994/95 Liverpool, Wimbledon, 1997/98 Coventry City, Derby County, Liverpool, 1998/99 Middlesbrough (FAC), Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle Utd, Liverpool (FAC), Derby County, 1999/2000 Middlesbrough, Liverpool, 2000/2001 West Ham Utd x 2, Arsenal, Manchester City, 2001/02 Tottenham Hotspur, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa (FAC) (full ticket), 2004/05 Exeter City (FAC)x 5, Middlesbrough (FAC) x 2. Overall fair condition. (90+)

Hammer Price: £185.00