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Beechwood Easel by Franz Drury of Munich attributed...

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Beechwood Easel by Franz Drury of Munich attributed to being Adolf Hitler's - Liberated by an Anglo American Liason Officer from the Brown House - Hitlers Bavarian HQ in 1945. Accompanied with a handwritten letter dated July 1979 by the brother of the Officer 'This is to inform that the easel…was taken by my brother, Captain G F Watman from Adolf Hitler's Nazi HQ at Munich in 1945…when he was an Anglo American Liason Officer with the US Forces liberating Berlin. The item is the untouched artist's easel that the young Adolf Hitler used when he was an art student. This was told to my brother by a Nazi party Woman curator of the Brown House Museum. She was discovered living in a basement and led the troops to where she and the S.S had hidden the items from the museum from the liberating forces. She did this, according to my brother because she needed to provide for a young son she had given birth to. According to my brother there were many items in the museum basement including Hitler's pistol, an ornate ring and photographs of him. All were taken by the US Forces. My brother took the easel and mailed it back to himself on Forces post. It arrived safely!!', with the maker's plaque to the easel, measures 117cm approx

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