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A Good Shipping Lot to include Catalogues + Cap Silk, RMS Queen Mary "The Stateliest Ship Now in Being" Circa 1935-36 Brochure. A very beautiful publicity Booklet of 12 pages of photographs of the intended attractive Art-Deco interior wall panels and designs as well beautiful multi-coloured artists illustrations of the interior rooms of the ship. In imitation deco leather cover large size of 9½" x 7½". This attractive publication was produced and sent out to Cunard's 1st Class and best regular customers while the ship was still being fitted out, hence artist illustrations of the interior and no photographs. Launch of Steam Ship "Royal Victoria" Leith 1834 Invitation to N Naysmith to attend the launch of this new steam ship. Constructed by Messrs Menzies & Son of Leith. Printed on Porcelain Coated Card, size 4½" x 3". Lot 557 Vaterland, Hamburg America Line 1914 Publication, a most impressive publication printed at the time of her maiden voyage in May 1914 featuring 26 full page photographs of the ship's State Rooms, palatial passenger accommodation including the Imperial Suite, Pompian swimming bath, giant paintings in Grand Saloon and Halls etc. Plus descriptive text in English. Printed on finest semi-gloss paper in illustration of the ship on front card cover, size 10½" x 8". At 58,000 tons and 950 feet in length this was the largest ship at that time and for many years. With a Ritz Carlton Restaurant and chefs, the food was the finest afloat, but the vessel made only a few voyages because war came in early August 1914 and she was stuck in New York Harbour until seized by Americans when entering the War in 1917. Renamed Leviathan they used it as a troop ship, and it carried the largest number of soldiers back to the United States after the armistice being 14,500. With peace the vessel under the American Flag plied the Transatlantic Ocean until 1934. Cunard Economy Tours 1931 Brochure a 14 page Brochure with 9 photographs and places to visit by their ships. Detailing several cheap tours during the economic depression at that time. Printed on semi-gloss paper, size folded, plus a SS Normandie 1935 Sailors Cap Band from the most beautiful pure Art Deco Liner that ever existed. Woven silk on silk ribbon centre part only illustrated here, it is complete being size 25

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