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Local Histories Book Selection to include The History...

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Local Histories Book Selection to include The History and Antiquities of The County of Rutland by James Wright 1684 London. Printed for Bennett Griffin. 140 pages plus 4 paged index. Collected from records, ancient manuscripts, monuments on the Place, and other authorities. Illustrations within the text. Also, Coats of Arms, and 2-page Map. Plus 12 additional pages of 1687 bound in as well. In leather binding, with ribbed spine, front board loose, History of Brighton and Environs by Alderman Henry Martin 1871 265-page book with 6 plates. Giving an interesting account about the town and its notable associates etc. In blue cloth board cover and gold tooling, Knight's Cyclopaedia of London In 1851. An 860 paged book with over 30 plate illustrations, also plans of buildings within the text. Detailing quite extensively London at that time, the Parks, Royal Palaces, Government and Public Buildings, Bridges, Churches, Hospitals, Law Courts & Prisons, Markets, Monuments, Schools, etc. In cloth board cover, front cover loose. Observations of The Bedford Charity 1761 Publication. A 42-page publication addressed to Mayor & Corporation being Dedication and a Series of letters giving the history of the Charity and its workings then outlining how it could be better run. Larger size of 7¾" x 10". Prisons In Scotland, Annual Report 1864. An 83 paged publication regarding details about Prisons on Scotland, number of prisoners in each Prison, sentences, ages, medical reports, finances, (5)

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