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Miscellaneous Signed Letters - Documents/Pamphlets Selection - features...

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Miscellaneous Signed Letters - Documents/Pamphlets Selection - features Sir Morell Mackenzie (1837-1892) handwritten signed letter dates 1885, one of the pioneers of laryngology in the UK, George Earle Buckle (1854-1935) English editor of The Times and biographer Signed note dated 1852, 'The Highway Code' booklet c1946, 1950/51 Ration Book, selection of various bills/receipts, The Quiver 4 March 1876, The Saturday Magazine 19 Dec 1840, legal accounts from W Sandham to Rid Ridge various dates 1772 to 1784, with comprising several items and charges, including journeys etc, Elizabeth I Exchequer Tallies signed by Richard Stonley on parchment, dated May 1586 (two years before the Armada), in fine bold hand, Act of Parliament to grant his Majesty certain increased rates, duties and taxes in Ireland, in respect of windows, male servants, carriages, horses and dogs etc, dated 25 May 1815 and Letter from Buckingham Palace signed C S Hale (Queen Victoria's Secretary), general condition overall A/G (#30)

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