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Canals - The Bridgewater Canal small 8vo reprint...

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Canals - The Bridgewater Canal small 8vo reprint of the various Acts of Parliament of George II and George III for the building of The Bridgewater Canal in the Manchester area, together with its various extensions. Approx 186pp, unbound, dated 1754 and 1761. Numerous ms annotations and observations, presumably contemporary. Ownership signature 'W Turnor' to inside cover. An invaluable reference for canal historians. This would appear to be a 'pocket' version of the Acts which could easily be taken to site, and presumably belonged to one of the surveyors or engineers who were working on the building and further development of the canal. The Bridgewater Canal - named after The Duke of Bridgewater was effectively the first canal built in this country and paved the way for the Canal Age which created the whole network of canals, built primarily for trade but which were also developed for passenger transport. TOGETHER WITH two original letters, early 19th c relating to the building of the Rochdale Canal, and the printed Report of the Departmental Committee on Living on Canal Boats, 12pp 8vo, and the Minutes of Evidence to inquire into the practice of living on canal boats, 100pp folio, both published by HMSO, 1921

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