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WWI - group of approx. 40 original letters...

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WWI - group of approx. 40 original letters written from France during the latter stages of WWI - most with envelopes bearing the censor marks. Containing information on the fighting as well as comments on the situation in Ireland, the start of the Spanish 'flu pandemic, and the General Election which followed immediately at the end of the war, he also describes one of his Regiment winning the VCN: '…today is absolutely glorious - our planes have been coming back from Jerry's country all the evening - they seem to have everything their own way…' [July 31st 1918] '…we spent the night on beds of planks and sacking from there we came here and saw quite a marvellous sight, a burning balloon set on fire by a plane and the two observers coming down in parachutes…' [July 25th 1918] '…a big outbreak is expected in Ireland so all troops at home are being concentrated near large railway stations in case such a thing should happen. I suppose Home Rule will be given to Ireland except in the Northern Counties…' [March 19th 1917] '…I have again been busy having been up in the trenches observing watching our shells of all sizes doing their work of reform amongst the enemy - a missionary effort which the Huns did not seem to appreciate for I saw numbers of them taking to their heels, looking for that save cover for their dirty skins…' [September 1st 1917] '…I saw two aeroplanes of Fritz's bought down & also an observation balloon. The German planes seem to do things singlehanded - they delight in flying low over our lines singly until driven off by our rifle fire' [May 15th 1918]

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