Day 1 Lot 29

3x 12 various period golf ball boxes...

Auction Date: 25/05/2022 at 10am



3x 12 various period golf ball boxes - Penfold Patented PGA Recess Marked Golf Balls Box with hinged lid featuring the Penfold/Bromford Man both on top and inside; "Re-covered Ball Box" Guaranteed Best Makes Only - Dunlops, Silver Kings, Bromfords, Spalding etc - 100% Better Than Re-Paints and Cheap Balls, c/w hinged lid to reveal 12 separate sections and label to the inside; and Reliable Re-paints - Paint Guaranteed To Wear Equal to That On A New Ball - 2x corners split with some fading in general. Note: Part Four - Golf Collection from "David Easby Estate"

Hammer Price: £15.00