Day 2 Lot 999

Collection of Big Game Baits (4) Allcock Stamped...

Auction Date: 24/03/2022 at 10am



Collection of Big Game Baits (4) Allcock Stamped Otter style spinner c/w treble - 3.75" copper bait overall 9"; another similar Made in England unnamed Allcock copper bait measures 4.75" overall 11"; Made in England unnamed Schooling style spoon c/w treble bound in red wool overall 6"; and small similar style spoon stamped with 2x X and no. 8 overall 4.75" plus American Deep Sea Fishing Lure Spoons (7) - Florida Fishing Tackle MFG "Refle3cto Spoon No. 7" - overall 5.5"; Johnson 'ws Silver Minnow Pat 8-28-23 overfall 4"; 2x Pflueger Record No. and No.; Pflueger Muskill No.12 ; Tony Accetta Cleveland "PET" no.19; and another unnamed overall 5.25" (11)

Guide Price: £40.00 - £60.00

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