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A remarkable Photograph Reference Book recording golf, table...

Auction Date: 26/01/2022 at 10am



A remarkable Photograph Reference Book recording golf, table tennis and tennis major sporting events from 1947 to 1950 - Ex Fort Dunlop Collection - book measures 16.75" x 11" x 2" and comprises over 195 pages of various size press photographs. Comes complete with alphabetical index book attached to the inside front cover listing all photographs and relevant pages. Tournaments include the 1947 Penfold 1000 Guineas, Fred Daly with the Open Championship golf Trophy 1947 Wimbledon LTC and British Hard Court Tennis Championship Finals Bournemouth - this remarkable Quarto size album include many famous international golf champions and Ryder Cup players. A G Avis, Sam King, N G Von Nida (Australia), 1947 Fred Daly winning The Open Championship, Fred Daly with Harry Bradshaw, Bobby Locke, Ken Bousfield, British Rider Cup team 1947 various Dunlop Sports exhibition stands, Dai Rees, Tom Haliburton, see a Whitcombe, Charlie Ward, Johnny Fallon, Eddie Whitcombe, Arthur Lees, John Burton, Bill Shankland, Max Faulkner. Jimmy Adams, J Busson, Ricardo Rossi, Roberto De Vicenzo, Eddie Whitcombe, Archie Compston, Henry Cotton, Alf Padgham, et al plus construction of the Dunlop 65 golf balls, Lawn Tennis Balls ply Wimbledon Action Photographs of 1940 Championship to incl J Drobny, T Johann, Glamourous Gussie Moran, F R Schroeder Wimbledon Champion, et al

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