Day 3 Lot 1349

Collection of Bolton Wanderers match programmes in the...

Auction Date: 10/12/2021 at 10am



Collection of Bolton Wanderers match programmes in the Football League Cup (also Milk Cup, Littlewoods, Rumbelows, Coca-Cola, Worthington, Carling, Capital One, Carabao guises) to include 1960/61 v Hull City (a), Hull City (h), Grimsby Town (h), Darlington (a), Rotherham Utd (h), 1961/62 Sunderland (h), Sunderland (a) (ph), 1962/63 Norwich City, 1963/64 Sheffield Utd, 1964/65 Blackburn Rovers (h), 1965/66 Aldershot (h), Grimsby Town (a), 1966/67 Manchester City (a), 1967/68 Liverpool (h), Liverpool (a), WHU (a), 1968/69 WHU (a), 1969/70 Rochdale (h), Rotherham Utd (h), Rotherham Utd (a), Rotherham Utd (2nd replay, single sheet, scarce), 1970/71 Blackburn Rovers (h), Leicester City (h), Leicester City (a),1971/72 Bradford City (h), Bradford City replay (h), Huddersfield Town (a), Manchester City (h), Chelsea (a), Chelsea replay (h), 1972/73 Oldham Athletic (h), Sheffield Wednesday (a) plus many others 1970s thereon, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s to 2015. (Quantity in 6 box files)

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