Day 2 Lot 1133

Collection of Manchester City homes to include 1945/46...

Auction Date: 9/12/2021 at 10am



Collection of Manchester City homes to include 1945/46 Everton (poor), 1947/48 Sunderland, 1948/49 Bolton Wanderers, 1949/50 Derby County (FAC) (ph), 1953/54 Tottenham Hotspur (FAC), 1954/55 Sheffield Utd, 1956/57 Burnley (incl. token sheet), FA XI v Army XI (ph) (Finney, Jones, Charlton, Melia, Duncan Edwards, Colman, Foulkes), 1957/58 Manchester City (incl insert and token), 1959/60 Southampton (FAC), 1960/61 Cardiff City (FAC), 1961/62 Burnley, 1962/63 Norwich City (FAC), West Ham Utd, 1964/65 Cardiff City, Stoke City (in IoM), 1965/66 Dundee (f), Leicester City (FAC), Grimsby Town (FAC), Everton (FAC), 1966/67 Arsenal, Ipswich Town (FAC), 1967/68 Arsenal, Southampton, Reading (FAC), 1968/69 Newcastle Utd (FAC), Luton Town (FAC), 1969/70 Liverpool (FLC), QPR (FLC), 1970/71 Arsenal (FAC), Wigan Athletic (FAC), 1971/72 Leicester City, 1972/73 WHU, 1972/73 Rochdale (FLC), Sunderland (FAC), 1973/74 Walsall (FLC), Southampton, 1974/75 Scunthorpe Utd (FLC), Newcastle Utd (FAC), 1975/76 Man Utd (FLC) (directors copy), Hartlepool Utd (FAC), 1977/78 Liverpool, 1978/79 Arsenal, 1979/80 Brighton; overall fair condition. (44)

Hammer Price: £15.00