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India & Punjab - Memorials of Indian Government...

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India & Punjab - Memorials of Indian Government: Being a Selection from the Papers of Henry St George Tucker, Late Director of the East India Company - by Henry St George Tucker, edited by John William Kaye, published by Richard Bentley, London, 1853, fine first edition in original embossed cloth, covers Lord Cornwallis, British policy in Afghanistan, central Asia, Lord Ellenborough and re-occupation of Afghanistan, conquest of Scinde, annexation of Scinde, case of Colonel Outram, the Affairs of the Punjab, the author notes, on the state of our relations with Lahore written in 1843, were accidently omitted from the series of political papers to which they belong, are inserted here...,the author Tucker states 'the Sikhs have no power to molest us; he further mentions that any treaty with Lahore was with Ranjeet Singh and we are not bound by treaty to uphold the succession in his family of Runjeet Singh...The treaty of 1838 contains no stipulations of the kind.

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