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Selection of Autographs – featuring Robert Benton Seeley...

Auction Date: 4/11/2021 at 10am



Selection of Autographs – featuring Robert Benton Seeley (1798-1886) – 'Father of the Publishing Trade' Autographed Letter dated 1854 to an unnamed cleric refers to an exchange of copies of 'Foxe' – possibly John Foxe, Elizabethan Preacher and writer, Samuel Carter Hall (1800-1889) – Journalist – Autographed Letter with Art Journals embossed to top centre, agreeing to send an edition to a correspondent. He is often cited as the model for the character of Pecksniff in Charles Dickens' novel Martin Chuzzlewit. James Macaulay (1817-1902) Autographed Letter – Pioneer of Boy's Own Paper the letter appears to relate to a correspondent's idea for publication but warns the writer to avoid an intermediary who is not 'an honourable man', Macaulay signs as Emeritus Editor of the Religious Tract Society, Samuel P Tregelles (1813-1875) autograph to subscription receipt together with hand written letter to Dr Pusey re books, the receipt dated 1858 signed over the postage stamp and Edward Augustus Freeman (1823-1892) – Historian Autographed Letter dated 1867 noted for his 15-volume History of the Norman conquest (5)

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