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Darwin, Bernard Golf Book Collection (9) - “Golfing...

Auction Date: 8/10/2021 at 10am



Darwin, Bernard Golf Book Collection (9) - “Golfing Bi-Paths” 1st edition 1946 complete with facsimile dust jacket (G); “Historic Golf Courses of the British Isles” 1987 reprint of the 1st edition 1910 complete with dust jacket (G); “Pack Clouds Away” 1st ed 1941 with adapted dust jacket (G); “James Braid” 1st ed 1952 in made up dust jacket (G); “Out of The Rough” 1st ed c1930 c/w made up dust jacket (F/G); “At Odd Moments – An Anthology”1st 1941 with made up dust jacket; plus boxing “John Gully and His Times” 1st ed 1935 with made up dust jacket (F/G); plus cricket “W G Grace” 1948 reprint in facsimile d/j and E M Prain - “Live Hands – Key to Better Golf” with an introduction by Bernard Darwin c/w facsimile d/j (G)

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