Day 2 Lot 663

4x interesting late 20th c reels – Vic...

Auction Date: 29/07/2021 at 10am



4x interesting late 20th c reels – Vic 2 5/8” wide drum brass crank wind reel with raised check housing – possibly a replaced foot; 3” lightweight alloy and brass crank wind reel with good straight smooth brass foot, on/off check button wooden, curved crank arm – note 2x hairline cracks between the check button and screws holding the brass foot bridge; Manton & Co Calcutta nickel plated 3.5” crank wind reel – good sound check, foot filed at both ends and one screw missing from the foot bridge: good looking 3 7/8” dark stained wooden and brass star back wide drum casting reel – decorative brtass star back with separate on/off check button, knurled brass central locking screw – hairline crack to the back plate from the rim through the brass strap and check button, still has presence

Hammer Price: £40.00