Day 2 Lot 661

Interesting cross sections of fishing reels (5) Precision...

Auction Date: 29/07/2021 at 10am



Interesting cross sections of fishing reels (5) Precision Built Reels Mosquito 3” alloy combination fly reel with see through face plate, 2x rim controls – general paint wear to the rims – made in USA; DAM “Ever Ready” alloy and Bakelite 4” reel with chrome foot and back strap with on/off check; Gyrex style Bakelite 4” brass strap back casting reel fitted with Rueben Heaton Rolling Eye line guard c/w on/off check; and 2x Made in France alloy multiplying reels both finished in green to incl 3.5 x 2” wide drum with raised pillars and 3.75” narrow drum fly reel both c/w rear tension regulator and on/off check.

Hammer Price: £20.00