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India & Punjab - The Treachery in the Tochi Valley: The First Attack On The Camp original gravure by HM Paget after a sketch by P.S. Seton-Browne published July 1897. This illustration fairly accurately depicts the surprise attach at Maizar on the 10th June 1897 on a British detachment escorted by 200 of 1st Sikh Inf., 100 1st Punjab Inf and 12 1st Punjab Cavalry at the start of the great uprising of the NWF tribes of 1897/98. The detachment was fired upon after being served a meal by the village. All officers were killed or wounded and the soldiers had to conduct a fighting withdrawal under the command of Subadar Narain Singh (1st Sikhs). The force suffered 54 casualties but inflicted about 200 on the attackers. 23 soldiers were awarded the Indian Order of Merit and Subadar Narain Singh received the Order of The British Empire. A little known incident of heroism, 32x27cm laid to card together with With The Tochi Valley Field Force: In Camp At Miran Shah original engraving drawn by J. Nash R.I after a sketch by Sgt W.G. Stoner 1898 showing the troops sent out to punish the tribes for the attack at Maizar, four illustrations showing the 14th Sikhs and 93 highlanders changing guard, Gun Park of a Mountain Battery Drivers and Drivers Cleaning Up, all appear to be Sikhs, 32x27cm, laid to card (2)

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