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1901 Emilio Bacardin - signed string-bound manuscript...

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1901 Emilio Bacardin - signed string-bound manuscript - a group of documents relating to the service of Sergeant Rodrigo Polack, in the civil guard (police, apparently, or perhaps the army) in Cuba, which was still under the governance of the United States Military Government until May 1902. There are many historical documents related to the soldier including his "antecedents" (police record); and there are many signatories including a document signed by Emilio Bacardi, signed as Mayor of Santiago de Cuba (Emilio was the son of Facundo Bacardi, who founded Bacardi Rum); Emilio also had a working relationship with General Leonard Wood, who was a US Military Commander of Cuba during the American Occupation of Cuba. A rare collection of documents, approximately 25 leaves.

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