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Transcript of Gertraud Junge 8-page deposition on official...

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Transcript of Gertraud Junge 8-page deposition on official US Army letterhead - Junge’s deposition was obtained on June 1945 at the Counter Intelligence Corps Headquarters, Sternberg Field Office. The document is accompanied by two copies of German and US Army documents issued to Helmut Pommer, the officer in charge of interrogation and translation of Junge’s deposition. Junge was Adolf Hitler’s last private secretary. After typing out Hitler’s wills, she remained in the Berlin Fuhrerbunker after his suicide, followed by her unsuccessful attempt to escape Russian forces. The deposition provides a most detailed account on Adolf Hitler’s personal life and his relationship with Eva Braun, as well as Eva Braun’s thoughts. The account began with Junge’s arrival to the Berghof in 1943. The documents include transcriptions of Adolf Hitler’s personal and political testaments as typed by Gertraud Junge

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