Lot 761

Attributed Adolf Hitler Artwork within Jacob Altenberg marked...

Auction Date: 27/02/2021 at 10am



Attributed Adolf Hitler Artwork within Jacob Altenberg marked Frame with dealer’s label. The watercolour depicts a scene of Franziskaner Church in Vienna with A Hitler to bottom right corner, undated, painting measures 20x26.5cm approx, blank to reverse. Altenberg, an Austrian businessman and picture frame dealer was in regular contact with a young Adolf Hitler in Vienna and bought several of his paintings between 1909-1913. The paintings were used by Altenberg as additions to the more attractive design of the frames he offered which were easier to sell with a filler than when offered blank. This particular painting originally came from a Munich family with a senior member of the NSDAP party and early days SA ‘Sturmabteilung’ in Bavaria. Via inner party contacts, the painting was offered at a time when the Fuhrer was already quite popular within the party but before reaching the ultimate authority over the country. Purportedly, the frame broke after WWII, it made space to hide the paintings signature and has since remained the same.

Hammer Price: £18000.00