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Assorted Victorian Comics / Magazines from 1859s TO...

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Assorted Victorian Comics / Magazines from 1859s TO 1890s consisting of; Boys of England 1870. (Considered one of the first of the Penny Dreadfulls, achieved the largest circulation of its time) Boys of the Empire, 1888. (Noted for being a full Multicoloured comic for just this first year, very scarce as such), The Children’s Friend 1870s Chatterbox 1880s, The Prize 1880s, (Unusual as with tipped in Multicoloured front page) Early Days 1880s, Sunshine 1880s, Harpers Young People, 1880s. (An early Anglo-American Comic, both English & US editions enclosed). Also “La Semaine des Enfants” of 1859 a very early French Comic and a German Comic of the 1870s. Plus various other comics of this earlier period (#30)

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