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WWII – Adolf Hitler - Third Reich~s ~Reich...

Auction Date: 30/10/2020 at 10am



WWII – Adolf Hitler - Third Reich~s ~Reich Chancellery~ Unique Collection of Professor Heinr. Micha?lis, München Marked Original 1941-43 Interior Design Plans for the Third Reich~s ~Reich Chancellery~ - the collection featuring various pieces of furniture and fittings. All plans entitled ~Partei-Kanzlei, Berlin~ [Party Office, Berlin], all but two of the plans are either stamped or signed and dated generally bearing ~Professor Heinr. Micha?lis, München~ to bottom corner. The collection consist of 4x plans measuring 60x45cm approx. and include ~Sofa~ PK156, ~Empfangszimmer~ [Reception Room] ~Sofa~ PK86, ~Dr Klopfer Sofa~ PK26, and ~Arbeitszimmer des Reichsleiters, Sofa~ [Study of Reich Leader, Sofa] PB16 all scale 1:10, together with a selection of smaller plans featuring ~Rosette und Knopf~ [Rosette and Button] Door Knob measures 35x28cm and another similar plan, ~Tischchen~ [Table] with Marble top PK120 measures 30x30cm, ~Empfangszimmer kleiner tisch~ [Reception Room Small Table] PK119 measures 40x30cm approx., ~Wartezimmer kleines tisch [waiting room small table] PK117 measures 30x45cm approx., ~Wartezimmer tisch~ [waiting room table] PK116 measures 30x45cm approx., ~Sofa~ PK122 and PK 123 measures 45x35cm approx., all hand drawn in pencil on tracing paper, plus a selection of plans drawn in pen on tracing paper with ~Micha?lis~ Signature rather than stamp including ~Zimmer des Reichsleiters~ [Room of Reich Leader] light and lamp shade (slight foxing) measures 27x28cm approx., ~Fuß für Schreibtisch Lampen~ [Foot for Desk Lamps] PK127 and PK 128 measures 53.5x36.5cm approx. and ~Warte - u Besprechungszimmer, Wandleuchter~ [Waiting Room Light] PK126 1:1 measures 48x66cm approx. Overall condition appears very good, some small tears to edges in places, does not affect the drawings, very light foxing apparent on a couple of examples otherwise a superb selection of plans. The vendor~s father originally purchased these plans from a WWII veteran in Texas. (15)

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