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Boxing - Banbury, Prize Fighting Ring 1789 copper medallion...

Auction Date: 30/10/2020 at 10am



Boxing - Banbury, Prize Fighting Ring 1789 copper medallion Obverse; Bust of Thomas Johnson. Reverse; Science and Intrepidity around Bella horrid bella, 1789 in exergue, size 34mm, (D H Warwickshire 12; W 1498). Thomas Johnson the London and England champion since 1783. The match against Isaac Perrins was made at Banbury on 22nd October and, in a tournament of mixed fortune watched by 3,000 people, which lasted 75 minutes and comprised no less than 62 rounds, Johnson took victory and a large purse, reputed to be over £1,000. Perrins is said never to have fought again.

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