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1650 George Bates - The English Civil War...

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1650 George Bates - The English Civil War Book - Two Volumes in one Binding - Elenchi Motuum Nuperorum In Anglia Simula c Iuris Regii et Parlamintarii (Strife and Upheaval in England between King and Parliament) by George Bates. Printed in Rouen. 1650. An extensive 339 page book detailing these climatic events. A Scarce early edition by George Bates (1608-1668). This work was originally intended to publicize the events of the Civil War from a Royalist perspective to a continental audience. Later editions updated the narrative through the fall of Cromwell and the reign of Charles II. The final edition was published in 1676. Bate was an eyewitness to much of the history he recorded. A remarkable doctor, he was chief physician to Charles I, Cromwell and to Charles II. (He concealed his political beliefs during the Civil War), later one of the founding fellows of the Royal Society. Bound With; “Mare Balticum Liberatum. Hoc est nova vera & perspicua belli Sueco-Danici narratio, cum causarum, quae serenissimam reginam Sueci? arma suscipere compulerunt; tam ejusdem felicis in pugna navali successus|. 1649 Anon. 95 page book bound in the front of Naval Battle Interest Scarce: |Under Sweden~s aegis the Baltic Sea became a real Mare Liberatum - a free sea. [Mare Balticum Liberatum was the title of a treatise written by an anonymous author, published in 1649] The author emphasized the thesis that the idea of freedom of the seas is as old as our civilisation. (The Dano-Swedish War of 1657–58 was a conflict between Sweden and Denmark–Norway during the Second Northern War. In 1657, Charles X of Sweden and his Swedish army were bogged down in Poland. Frederick III of Denmark saw an opportunity to recover the territories lost in 1645 and attacked Sweden. The outbreak of war with Denmark provided Charles with an excuse to withdraw from the Polish campaign and move against Denmark). Contemporary Vellum Binding with Period Ink Title and Decoration to Spine. Size 3| × 5|

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