Lot 100311x Gleneagles Hotel ‘Glendevon’ Golf Course Tee...

Auction Date: 14/08/2020 at 10:30 am



11x Gleneagles Hotel ‘Glendevon’ Golf Course Tee Plaques to incl Hole 2 ‘Thristle Taps’, Hole 3 ‘Rowan Gait’, Hole 4 ‘Greenwells’, Hole 6 ‘Pawkie Howe’, Hole 7 ‘Mailen Shiel’, Hole 8 ‘Sleekit Knowe’, Hole 10 ‘Snell Neuk’, Hole 12 ‘Ochil Sciht’, Hole 13 ‘Hirple Brae’, Hole 14 ‘Wimplin Wyne’ and Hole 17 ‘Pass O’ Pinkie’ - produced in a heavy duty porcelain 9.75” x 14”

Hammer Price: £420.00

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