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India & Punjab – Signed memoirs of Sultana...

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India & Punjab – Signed memoirs of Sultana Begam of Bhopal - Signed and inscribed first edition of ‘An Account of My Life, Sultan Jahan Begam, Nawab of Bhopal, 1858-1930’ - [Ruler of Bhopal]; translated by C.H. Payne. M.A. Educational advisor to H.H. the Begam. 1910. Published by John Murray & The Times Press. London & Bombay. 1910. Inscribed in ink ‘With Best Wishes From Sultana Jahan, to Batoza Begum, 12.4.1914’ Sultana was a notable and progressive Begum of Bhopal who ruled from 1901 to 1926. A great reformer in the tradition of her mother and grandmother, Sultan Jahan founded several important educational institutions in Bhopal, establishing free and compulsory primary education in 1918. During her reign, she had a particular focus on public instruction, especially female education. She built many technical institutes and schools and increased the number of qualified teachers. From 1920 until her death, she was the founding Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Even till today, she is the only female Chancellor ever served for Aligarh Muslim University. Sultan Jahan's primary legacy, though, was in the field of public health, as she pioneered widespread inoculation and vaccination programs and improved the water supply and standards of hygiene and sanitation. In 1926, after a reign of 25 years, Sultan Jahan abdicated the throne in favour of her youngest child.

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