Lot 5921901 Emilio Bacardi-signed string-bound manuscript entitled "Vigilante" from the...

Auction Date: 2/07/2020 at 10am



1901 Emilio Bacardi-signed string-bound manuscript entitled "Vigilante" from the time of the U.S. Military Occupation of Cuba - It investigates the person named described as a "Vigilante" and it states he does not have a criminal record (his "antecedents" were researched), in another document signed by Emilio Bacardi it states the individual is of good moral character (Emilio was the son of Facundo Bacardi, who founded Bacardi Rum); Emilio also had a working relationship with General Leonard Wood, who was a US Military Commander of Cuba during the American Occupation of Cuba. A "Vigilante" was a member of the Police Force or possibly the military (there is a fine line between the two organisations in Cuba). A rare collection of documents, approximately 34 leaves

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