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Very Interesting Civil War Letter By A Union...

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Very Interesting Civil War Letter By A Union Naval Officer On Blockade Duty Off The Port Of Charlston Aboard U.S.S. Winona Dated December 17th 1864 A clearly readable extensive 4 page letter. Written by an officer named William mentioning that the ships of blockading “South Atlantic Squadron” anchor well out because of the guns of Battery Marshall, but close up on Charleston after dark. He mentions the Winona is in badly needed repair & can only make 5 knots, other vessels are also in bad shape & they are called the “Black List Squadron”. Stating he hope General Sherman will attack Charleston because “I should like to bring my old Eleven inch to bear on some of the fine Buildings of Savannah or Charleston. I want to see the Stars and Stripes floating over the latter place when I believe like you the war will end and then can hurry to you and be a good boy”. The letter also mentions chasing that day after a Blockade runner sighted by another ship in the Squadron. Finishing by stating the war will be over in 6 months. (The War ended some 4 months later). Written in ink a most interesting detailed letter, size folded 7¾” × 9¾”

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