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Boxing - Banbury, Prize Fighting Ring 1789, Copper...

Auction Date: 2/07/2020 at 10am



Boxing - Banbury, Prize Fighting Ring 1789, Copper Medallion Obverse; Bust of Thomas Johnson. Reverse; Strength and magnanimity around BELLA! HORRIDA BELLA!, Bella horrid bella, 1789 in exergue, size 34mm, . (DH Warwickshire 13; W 1499). Isaac Perrins (1750-1801), prize-fighter and engineer employed by Boulton & Watt. A giant of a man, 6ft 2in in bare feet and weighing 17 stone, he was the champion boxer of the Midlands with a reputation of beating his opponents in under five minutes. He issued a challenge of £500 to meet any man in the country.

Guide Price: £100.00 - £120.00

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