Lot 111971 Cradley Heath Speedway Programmes (35) –31/31 complete...

Auction Date: 11/06/2020 at 10:30 am



1971 Cradley Heath Speedway Programmes (35) –31/31 complete run of home programmes incl the 30th Meeting “Watney Mann Trophy” and 30th Final Home from 27th March to 4th Oct. to incl British Speedway League, Challenge Match, World Championship qualifying round, LP Transport Trophy competition, Midland Cup 2nd leg and semi-final 1st leg, Midland Riders Championship qualifying round, Alan Hunt Trophy, 2x 18th one signed to the front cover and back cover, Knockout Cup 3rd Round and Semi-Final, Dudley Wolves Trophy, 2x 26th one signed to the front cover and inside by most of the Cradley team together with Poole riders Wirebrand, Fossengen, Langfield et al, No 27th & 28th also signed to the front cover by 8 riders incl visitors plus 2x v Swindon (A, 2x v Belle Vue (A)- all with hand written results otherwise generally overall (G)

Hammer Price: £15.00

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