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Richard Walker letter 1984 – 15th February 1984 typed and hand signed “Dick” – 2p the first page remarking on health issues, how busy at the factory with designing a new mower for cutting grass on road verges. A humorous book that he and Fred Taylor were writing jointly. An invitation by John Snow the former England fast bowler to go to Australia and New Zealand but more interesting page two covering nearly a full page written by Walker with regards to….“Warning anglers about anti-field sports cranks for years but now they’ve started on us, they may regret it especially if they tangle with some of the tough lads from Birmingham or Coventry. The threats to put electronic devices in the water to scare fish away while Walker had been using ultrasonic fish, and depth, locators for 20 years when fishing really big waters and fish take no notice whatever of them - also how useful it is from a safety point of view when out on really big water like Loch Lomond and the wind gets up the instrument tells you if you’re drifting into shallows you may crash against rocks….. “So if the hunt saboteurs decide to invest in such equipment they will be wasting their money and a good thing to” The next paragraph refers to the latest “Hooked” series on television which in Dick’s opinion was much better than the previous ones. The program featuring anglers catching a few reasonable sized fish, up to nearly 2 ½ pounds and explaining their tackle setups, which is more than they did before. What puzzled Dick though is why they chose Jack Charlton as a commentator… “He is a nice chap, but knows little about fishing. They don’t pick Ivan Marks to commentate on football matches so why do they employ Charlton to commentate on fishing matches?” The two final paragraphs -one refers to weighing the fish in soft mesh bags instead of … “those awful wire baskets which must have damage lots of fish quite badly” and finally Dick enclosing a copy of his latest book which he had promised

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