Lot 219bRichard Walker letters 1983 (2) – 1st October...

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Richard Walker letters 1983 (2) – 1st October and 10th November typed and hand signed Dick – the first letter showing his pleasure that all the tackle had arrived safely and not to rush in with the opinion until he’d given it a fair trial… Quote I know all this stuff looks good but is many good looking rod that is disappointing in practice and sometimes it is the other way round”. Walker then goes on to discuss canal fishing and in his experience ….. “I would not expect eels to be present in very large numbers but if there are any there at all, they are likely to be very big ones. This is really a blessing because any water that is full of little boot lace eels makes it nearly impossible to catch bigger ones, and there is considerable nuisance when you are after at the species if you use worms or maggots. However if there had been large numbers of small eels in your canal, you would certainly have caught some when fishing for a Roach, Tench, etc.so we can definitely discount that source of worry” The final paragraph discusses good crops of tomatoes…. .“all very large and hardly any smaller than a golf ball” The second letter thanking Cloverley for the floats and the leger stops having just lost his last one which would have meant he had to go out and buy some more. Another paragraph dealing with looking after training of kittens and finally the vast amount of letters Walker still had to answer

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