Lot 962Frederick II (1712-1786) King of Prussia 1740-86...

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Frederick II (1712-1786) King of Prussia 1740-86 - Known as Frederick the Great Manuscript Letter dated 20th Jan 1752 to the Government of Halberstadt, in German. The manuscript letter states that two small properties (‘Genanderchen’) belonging to Aschersleben, which are at their disposition, and according to their last conveyed message, ‘have been most graciously conferred to the Sergeant Major of our First Bastille Guards, Lieutenant Leining’ as loaned farmland. The King further orders that Leining is issued with all that is necessary in the matter and that he is granted ownership. With a few annotations and countersignatures at the foot, one dated 21st February 1752. With his initial F, a fine bold example

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