Lot 429Selection of football cards to include large Topical...

Auction Date: 21/11/2019 at 10:30 am



Selection of football cards to include large Topical Times Album (1936 footballers in colour 16/16), Panel Portraits 24/24 + 10 others), Topical Times miniature panel portraits in album 24/24, Topical Times album of great players 24/24, Carreras album of popular footballers (1936 47/48), 1961 Kelloggs international soccer stars (1 album), 1934 Hints on association football 48/48, Adventure vest pocket football card album, 1938 Churchmans Association footballers 50/50, Players 1928 footballers 50/50, plus substantial part sets from 1920~s onwards mainly cigarette cards with Fleetway 1950~s teams also noted and Sun gallery of 3D action cards. (1 box of quantity)

Hammer Price: £30.00

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