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Richard Walker Letters 1984 (3) – 16th April, 3rd September and 4th October – typed and hand signed “Dick” – again covering health issues, local planning issues, still designing the verge grass mower, the start of trout fishing season and a hand written P.S “Pat went out for a couple of hours yesterday evening and came back with 4 trout, 1lb 10oz to 3lbs 8oz!” The 2nd letter refers to a good brand of monofil recommended by Cloverly which Dick hadn’t tried but would do so on his recommendation. 3rd and final letter comprising 2 pages but notably on record fish and carp fishing in canals - with Dick dedicating a whole paragraph on breaking records or even getting near them which… “I wish I could get it into your head that no-one expects you to go out to a canal in Manchester and break records or even get near to them! As far as I’m concerned if you are catching fish fairly regularly that neither landing net to put them on the bank you are doing better than most. Successful fishing is not a matter of competition with people who have a better chance of catching fish the new do. As I said before you can only catch what is there and, from what you tell me, you are succeeding admirably at that” The next paragraph goes on to refer to catching carp from the canal which….. “I have done a lot of carp fishing, as you probably know, but I can say truthfully that I have never caught one from any canal anyway. I think that canal carp are the hardest of all to catch and if you even land one you have done better than I ever have” The final page comes with hand written “PS just got your last letter, and I’m delighted to hear that he caught a 5 ½ car. I bet you had a rare old tussle to land it. That’s the size at which car park, wait the weight, at their fighting best”

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