Lot 562Richard Walker Letters 1983 (2) – late 1983...

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Richard Walker Letters 1983 (2) – late 1983 and 9th Dec 1983 – hand written and typed and both signed Dick – the first letter referring to his copy of “Catching Fish” suggesting it was the most useful book he had ever written though referring to Cloverly’s experience he didn’t suppose he would learn very much from it. He then advised that his new book will be coming out in a month so titled “Dick Walker’s coarse fishing” advising him not to go out and buy a copy or even let his wife getting one because Dick would get a number of free copies as the author and as soon as he had won he would send one on to Cloverly Julie autographed again “that way it will cost you the same as it cost me like the rods and reels-Nowt!” He also goes on about the child he caught which was just over 4lbs from the back garden just under a week ago on sweet corn. Finishing the letter off with regards to his health and his pet kitten and wishing Mrs Cloverley good health. The 2nd letter thanking Cloverley for the magnificent tie pin and for the excellent ferrule spigots. Also requesting Cloverly not to send stamped addressed envelopes when he wrote to him that is postage and stationary account is set against tax. Reference to Christmas looming as well as the thousands of mowers coming into his factory councils, golf clubs, et cetera for their annual overhaul

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