Lot 560Richard Walker letters 1983 (3) – 2x typed...

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Richard Walker letters 1983 (3) – 2x typed and one hand written and hand signed “Dick” – all with reference to the Victor reels, eels in canals – and having an honest opinion. The first letter dated 1/8 recommending three sizes – the big one of no use to either of them, but best to try the medium and small one and suggested that if he didn’t like one, post that one onto him. Followed by a hand written P.S If you‘d like to keep both reels by all means do! The second letter dated 22nd Aug 2p typed letter starting off “Fibatube are inclined to jump when I say “jump” and the 2 reels reached to before my letter. Guessing that this might happen I did add a PSA keep both if you like and that still holds”. Discussing the pros and cons of the 300 real especially if fishing for pike, big Carp, or eels. Walker then goes on to discuss the canal which covertly fishes the possibility of finding some very big eels which… “They may not interest you but to me being a Southerner stewed eel or slow-fried is special!” Walker then discusses the potential use of the Victor 300 which if he didn’t get on with to return it somebody else could have it which would cost “Nowt, either to you or to me. If you decide that you’d like to have it don’t imagine you would be depriving someone else” the final paragraph once again asks he will get a true reply from a close friend and goes on to say… “I’m not interested in famous anglers who will swear that to and to make 5 if the paper says….I am proud of the fact that in 40 years I have never recommended a rod, reel or any other item of tackle like no was not only good but good value for money. I’ve had many offers of considerable sums of money to endorse tackle and I didn’t like and always turned them down.….Would you let me know the name and address of the tackle shop where you usually go when you want to buy something also the name of its owner” the final letter handwritten and dated 15th 9th explaining a letter should have reached globally explaining about the rod and spare spools variables and also is thanking him very much for the super pen.

Hammer Price: £65.00

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