Lot 1044Autographs – Russia – Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, Pavel...

Auction Date: 19/09/2019 at 10am



Autographs – Russia – Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, Pavel Popovich, Gherman Titov and Andriyan Nicholeyev Signed Photograph – 4x Soviet cosmonauts from the Vostok and Voskhod Space Programs signed a matt black and white period photograph, circa 1965. The cosmonauts, of whom are dressed in Soviet Air Force uniforms, appear relaxed and in casual conversation. Signed in Cyrillic letters along the bottom edge of the photo, including Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968), Gherman Titov (1935-2000), Pavel Popovitch (1930-2009), and Andriyan Nikolayev (1929-2004), measures 12x9cm approx.

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