Lot 110Collection of miscellaneous fishing reels (4) - Grice...

Auction Date: 18/09/2019 at 11am



Collection of miscellaneous fishing reels (4) - Grice and Young “Seajecta” 3.75” dia alloy and brass ring with Dyke line guide, on-off check button is (run smoothly); and unnamed Allcocks “Centabrake” 3” dia alloy fly reel with brass foot, constant check, runs freely; Moore Belfast that your date stamp over their Ben that your date stamp when you great thank you that they are 3.5”diameter with smooth brass foot, chrome line guide, constant check, with a customised quarter rim cut out runs freely; and JW Young & Sons The Ambidextrous number 1 casting reel with half bale arm well used with paint wear.-

Hammer Price: £50.00

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