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WWII – Adolf Hitler - Third Reich’s ‘Reich Chancellery’ Contemporary Plans - Fantastic Selection of Interior Design Contemporary Plans for the Third Reich’s ‘Reich Chancellery’ – produced directly from the original hand drawn plans featuring varying pieces of furniture and fittings. Consisting of 8x plans measuring 60x45cm approx. including ‘Schreibzimmer doppelschreibtisch’ [Writing Room Double Desk] PK32 1:10 scale, ‘Schreibsessel für ministerial dirigent, adjutant und Geschaftsfuhre’ [Writing chair for ministerial director, adjutant and managing director] PK20 1:10 scale, ‘Sessel’ [Armchair] PK76 1:10 scale, ‘Telefontisch’ [Telephone Table] 1:10 scale, ‘Kleiderschrank’ [Wardrobe] PK31a 1:10 scale, ‘1 & 2 Oberg Schranke’ [Cabinets] [Obersalzburg?] PK31 1:10 scale, ‘Stuck Aufteilung’ PK129, PK130, PK131, PK132 1:20 scale – also with smaller plans such as ‘Stuck Aufteilung’ PK133, PK134, PK135 and PK136 (tear to top) 1:20 44x34cm approx., ‘Schreibtisch’ [Writing Desk] PK163, PK165 and PK 167 1:10 scales, measure 44x34cm approx., ‘Schreibzimmer’ [Writing Room, Tables and Cabinets] PK166, PK168, PK169, PK171 and ‘Aktenbok’ [Filing cabinet] PK170 1:10 scale measures 44x34cm approx. plus ‘Kleider und aktenschrank’ [Clothes and file cabinet] 1:10 scale measures 40x35cm plus 3x ‘Rosette und Knopf’ [Rosette and Button] Door Knob plans 1:1 scale measures 45x30cm and 35x28cm approx. – condition overall is good, some plans have markings to corners, tears in places to edges but generally good. The vendor’s father originally purchased these plans from a WWII veteran in Texas. (27)

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