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WWII – Adolf Hitler - Third Reich’s ‘Reich Chancellery’ Unique Collection of Professor Heinr. Micha?lis, München Marked Original 1941-43 Interior Design Plans for the Third Reich’s ‘Reich Chancellery’ - the collection featuring various pieces of furniture and fittings. All plans entitled ‘Partei-Kanzlei, Berlin’ [Party Office, Berlin], all but two of the plans are either stamped or signed and dated generally bearing ‘Professor Heinr. Micha?lis, München’ to bottom corner. The collection consist of 4x plans measuring 60x45cm approx. and include ‘Sofa’ PK156, ‘Empfangszimmer’ [Reception Room] ‘Sofa’ PK86, ‘Dr Klopfer Sofa’ PK26, and ‘Arbeitszimmer des Reichsleiters, Sofa’ [Study of Reich Leader, Sofa] PB16 all scale 1:10, together with a selection of smaller plans featuring ‘Rosette und Knopf’ [Rosette and Button] Door Knob measures 35x28cm and another similar plan, ‘Tischchen’ [Table] with Marble top PK120 measures 30x30cm, ‘Empfangszimmer kleiner tisch’ [Reception Room Small Table] PK119 measures 40x30cm approx., ‘Wartezimmer kleines tisch [waiting room small table] PK117 measures 30x45cm approx., ‘Wartezimmer tisch’ [waiting room table] PK116 measures 30x45cm approx., ‘Sofa’ PK122 and PK 123 measures 45x35cm approx., all hand drawn in pencil on tracing paper, plus a selection of plans drawn in pen on tracing paper with ‘Micha?lis’ Signature rather than stamp including ‘Zimmer des Reichsleiters’ [Room of Reich Leader] light and lamp shade (slight foxing) measures 27x28cm approx., ‘Fuß für Schreibtisch Lampen’ [Foot for Desk Lamps] PK127 and PK 128 measures 53.5x36.5cm approx. and ‘Warte - u Besprechungszimmer, Wandleuchter’ [Waiting Room Light] PK126 1:1 measures 48x66cm approx. Overall condition appears very good, some small tears to edges in places, does not affect the drawings, very light foxing apparent on a couple of examples otherwise a superb selection of plans. The vendor’s father originally purchased these plans from a WWII veteran in Texas. (15)

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