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Historical Archive – Ottoman Empire - Prince Samy Nedjib the only son and sole heir of Her Imperial Highness The Sultana Médiha (Daughter of His Imperial Majesty Abdul Medjid I, Emperor of the Ottomans from 1839 to 1861) – a wonderful archive containing a quantity of correspondence between Prince Samy Nedjib based in Menton-Garavan, France and various contacts within London, UK, with dates ranging from 1920s through to 1940s. Predominantly Bank Managers and Solicitors in regards to financial affairs and also personal correspondence. Letters are in English and French. Also included are details regarding the sale of an Emerald held within Barclays Bank, France, purportedly with an insurance policy worth £10,000. Many hand written letters with Prince Samy’s signature are included, together with many London headed letters. There is correspondence in relation to Prince M Bahaeddin Samy (Prince Sami’s son) with a signed photograph. There are notes based within the Churchill Archives relating to: Prince M Bahaeddin Samy asking WSC for help on his family's position, and the Turkish succession [Churchill Archives, 1937]. After being exiled from Turkey, Prince Sami who resided in France requested that he and his family be given asylum in England (provided that the British Government would underwrite their expenses) in a letter to a member of the British Foreign Office. A vast selection of letters and correspondence with many original envelopes, postal marks etc, many hand written letters with signatures. Worth inspecting (Quantity) Box

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