Lot 1002Fine late 18th century longnose hooked face putter...

Auction Date: 6/06/2019 at 11am



Fine late 18th century longnose hooked face putter - typical 18th century style with a ¾ inch wide neck below the scare (all 19th century are 5/8 inch) resulting in a wide “fingernail” of shaft at the scare below the whipping. The head shape and its dimensions show it likely to be c.1780 or earlier - The head is stamped H. Philp with individual lettering (pre regular Philp stamp mark) measures 5.75 inches long x 2.1/8 inches wide x 1.1/8 inches deep - half inch wide horn sole insert fitted with 3 large plugs overall length 38.5 inches - the head appears to be made from laburnum wood with the heart grain clearly visible at the base of the neck near to the back lead. There are presently recorded only 2 putters that may be older. A red keel Putter sold at Phillips auction house in 1994 and the Nielsen of Leith Putter at Royal Sydney sent to his brother there by Alan Robertson. Apart from the red keel Putter it is the oldest extant patter not to have had the hook faced filed back and is still in totally original condition. Note. For further references to this putter see Robert Gowland’s book “The Oldest Clubs 1650-1850) - see page 36-fig.G 29; page 64-fig. 22, 23, 24, 25 and page 112-fig. P60 showing the makers mark - “high at the face, the domed crown tapers lower towards the back lead as typically found in early clubs” - a truly remarkable late 18th century period putter stamped at a later date H. Philp

Hammer Price: £14000.00

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