Lot 294Collection of Shrewsbury Town match tickets to include...

Auction Date: 11/04/2019 at 10:30 am



Collection of Shrewsbury Town match tickets to include homes 1952/1953 Southampton (FAC), 1960/1961 Everton (FLC), 1961/1962 Middlesbrough (FAC), 1962/1963 Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), 1966/1967 Wrexham (FAC), 1967/1968 Arsenal (FAC) x 2, Tow Law Town, 1975/1976 QPR (FLC), 1979/1980 Tulsa Roughnecks (F), 1985/1986 Chelsea (FAC), Aways 1954/1955 Walsall (FAC), 1967/1968 Brighton, Tow Law Town (FAC), 1970/1971 Minehead (FAC), 1972/1973 Spennymoor Utd (FAC), 1971/1972 Derby County (FAC), 1975/1976 Rossendale Utd (FAC), Hereford Utd, Sheffield Wednesday (full ticket), 1978/1979 Wolves (full ticket), 2004/2005 Histon (FAC), plus others. (26) Fair-Good.

Hammer Price: £120.00

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