Lot 559Germany – 1920’s-30s Sporting Certificates – ‘Urkunde’ [Certificate]...

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Germany – 1920’s-30s Sporting Certificates – ‘Urkunde’ [Certificate], of the ‘Deutches Turnerschaft’ [German Gymnastics Association], printed and completed in hand, one bearing the Imperial Eagle stamp, plus a referee armband, condition appears A/G (11) Aircraft Recognition Magazines includes June 45, Sept 44, July 45, Aug 45, Sept 45, Oct 52, together with 1946 The Effects of the Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki booklet, 1945 Radar A Report on Science at War booklet, with Historic Cars Coins – condition overall A/G (9) Attica Prison Riots Press Photographs – stamped to the reverse Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror 1971 Manchester – black and white photographs of original photographs with notes to some (6) (26)

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