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WWII – Remarkable archive containing World War Two Senior Military Personnel Signed Memorabilia and Rare Memphis Belle Crew Signed Photograph - compiled as a hobby commencing in 1963 and resulting in a comprehensive archive with an array of signed correspondence, photographs and prints from World War Heroes, with corresponding summaries included – consisting of Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck, Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, Wing Commander Roland Beamont, Air Commandore H.A.C. Bird-Wilson, Group Captain Frank R. Carey, Group Captain Clive ‘Killer’ Caldwell, Group Captain John ‘Cat’s Eyes’ Cunningham, Air Commodore H.I. Edwards, Air Chief Marshall Sir Basil E. Embry, Captain Otto Kretschmer, Air Vice-Marshal F.D.S. Scott-Malden, Major Werner Molders, Air Marshal Hector McGregor, Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Park, Lieutenant-Colonel David Stirling plus many others, many duplicated signatures with both letters and photographs signed in some cases. Contained within the archive is an incredibly rare Signed Memphis Belle Crew Photograph with signatures including Vincent B. Evans (added to this, Evans replied with a signed typed letter, all in green with ‘Pea Soup Andersen’s Restaurant’ headed paper), Robert J. Hanson, Charles B. Leighton, Harold P. Loch, Col. Robert K. Morgan, C. A. Nastal, John P. Quinlan and C.E. (Bill) Winchell, James A. Verinis and Cecil H. Scott – also containing signed letters from crew members Morgan, Evans, Leighton, Hanson, Quinlan and Nastal after a further typed letter to Nastal from Morgan ‘politely’ reminding Nastal to return the signed photograph back to its original sender, the creator of this archive. A truly magnificent archive of history with some very important and seldom seen material, approximately 90 signatures contained within a folder.

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